End it all

Astounding, the way the mind can trick people into thinking they are all alone. Especially when the reality is that there is an overwhelming amount of love, admiration and appreciation surrounding you.


At my brother’s memorial service so many years ago…the building that was meant to hold a maximum occupancy of 200 was over-flowing.

I hope, after this life, there is peace for those that suffer in this way.

3 Positives: Day Five

  1. Got my yearly physical done and out of the way for one more year!
  2. Had a chance to knit for a bit today in between working on my project for school, with some madelinetosh. mmmmmm
  3. It wasn’t quite as hot today, which makes it much easier to work on my project for school.



3 Positives: Day Four

I didn’t do much today but study in my room, so this is not going to be very interesting…

  1. I am just about half way done with my project for my history class.
  2. I have plenty of popsicles in the freezer.
  3. My brain has not yet exploded from sneezing about a million times today.

3 Positives: Day Two

  1. I finished my Multnomah Shawl photo (8). Just need to block it.
  2. I loved the wacky weather today, even though I was inside all day at work. Sunshine, dark clouds, rain, hail, muggy, thunder, warm. I’m a fan.
  3. Most times when I sit at my laptop Gordy comes to super cuddle with me. I end up with orange hair all over my face, shoulders and neck. I wore a black tee shirt today so it is a perfect day to show a small sample.photo (9)So totally worth it. 

I could actually keep going. It’s been a pretty good day.

3 Positives: Day One

I’ve been challenged to write about 3 positive things every day for a week.

  1. Not having to wear a jacket or even a sweatshirt when leaving the house at 7 am.
  2. Getting a bill from the dentist but knowing that I still have plenty enough in my health savings account to cover it.
  3. First pay day out of three this month.

A little weird that 2 have to do with money. Oh well.

The History of Me

I’ve been meaning to update here, because I am pretty excited about school and the prospect of doing something new. But school takes up a lot of my brain power these days and when I’m done, I often don’t feel like trying to come up with something to blog about. Like I mentioned in my last post, I finished my very first class of my BSN program. History is not entirely nursing related, but I like to think that everything that I do is related somehow in the end.

The class involved 4 different short essay type papers in response to particular historical themes:

  • Geography and the development of human societies
  • Individuals and institutions as mechanisms of social/governmental change
  • Historical systems of power, governance, and authority
  • Science and technology as the engine of economic growth and development

Since it was a beginning history course, each theme and task had a list of topics to choose from and the reference material was supplied for us. I learned a lot about topics that I really had only heard of in passing. It was tough at times, but its always fun to add to the repertoire of possible conversation topics and ever expanding vocabulary. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start talking to total strangers about French Indo-China, the Dust Bowl, or the Russian Revolution of 1917 but if someone started talking to me about it, I wouldn’t feel like such a dumb ass. :)

So, yes, that history class is complete. Now I am working on history class # 2. This class uses those same themes, and compiles it all into one presentation, a PowerPoint. Except this time we pick our own topics (as long as they weren’t topics used in the last class) and find our own research material. Again, it’s tough. But I have completed 1/4 of it and have learned a lot about the Columbia River and its history that I never knew before.