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So, since Chris’s recent facebook post of the pictures of my action figure collection caused a small stir, I thought I would devote a blog post to elaborate or to answer any possible questions that may have arisen because of it. In case you missed it, here are the pictures…Here are the possible questions that I imagine may have popped into your head when you saw these photos:

  • What the hell?!?
  • Where did all that come from?
  • What is it exactly?
  • I’ve known Chris & Maria for 10+ years and I’ve never seen or heard of this…why not?
  • Why is it all over your living room??

I don’t remember exactly what year I started this collection, sometime in the early/mid 90s maybe, I’d guess around 93-94. The idea for the collection was female action figures/super heroes. I don’t even remember exactly which one I started with. I do have some non-female figures, but the bulk is women.

After a while, I was tired of spending money, and the novelty was starting to wear off. Plus I couldn’t really afford it any more. I didn’t want to get rid of them though, but I also didn’t think it would be worth it to sell them at that point. I know that there were a lot of them that weren’t really worth anything, but I had hoped that some might eventually increase in value, even if just a bit. So I boxed them all up and just kept them stored where ever I had the room. I think it was about 97 or 98 at this point.

Chris and I met at the end of 99, beginning of 2000. He had heard of the collection, but really only because I had all these boxes, he had never seen them. At our old house in MLT the boxes were up in the attic space, so they more or less got forgotten about. Until we moved almost a year ago.

Since we’ve been in our new place, they’ve been stored in the extra room. We knew that at some point we wanted to go through them and figure out what was there and then put them on ebay or something, but we were doing other things and they were mostly out of the way, so we didn’t really think about it much. This weekend we decided to pull them out and start the process.

This was the first time Chris had ever seen them. It was the first time I had seem them in about 15 years or so. It was pretty fun to look at them. Chris thought it would be fun to post them for all to see, since basically no one had any clue. :) Then we sorted them, took pictures of each one individually, and made a spreadsheet of the details of each corresponding to their picture. It took HOURS. Literally. But we finally got through them. All 150+ of them.

Now, the plan is to try to look up some info on them and gauge about how much someone might buy them for. I’m not looking to get rich on them, I don’t believe they’re worth all that much, but there may be a few that are a bit more collectible so I don’t want to just give those away. If anyone knows anyone that might be interested in any of them or are looking for a particular female action figure from the 90s, send them my way. We can easily send pictures and details. They are all in their original packages, not in mint condition, but very good condition.

So now you know. I’m not ashamed. It was fun. And in case you may have been wondering…

Yes. I did open up a few of them yesterday to play with. From left to right this is Mystique in Monster Armor, Void, and Elektra with light-up Ninja blade.Elektra’s Ninja blade does still light up.




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  1. Janna

    Hahah just mega awesome! Grant collects Spawn figures and wants to add Angela, if you have it I’m sure he’d be interested.


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